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[vsc-section-title title=”Why?”][/vsc-section-title]
  • Most Ideas get lost, because you can’t immediately act on them…
  • Notes and Memos tend to be put away into a dark drawer or into yet another app…
  • You alrady have WhatsApp on your phone: Why use another note taking app? Especially if you never look at it again. Ever.
  • You can share audio, video, images or text as you are used to…
  • You can handle the WhatsApp Memo-Bot just like a 2nd version of yourself – the one who is remembering stuff – and reminding you of your ideas if you have the time to act on them…
[vsc-section-title title=”How?”][/vsc-section-title]
  1. You send voice memos and text notes via WhatsApp
  2. You get a weekly summary via email
  3. You can immediately act on the notes and memos from within your inbox – keeping your usual work process

Send notes and voice messages via WhatsApp

Get a weekly summary email

[vsc-section-title title=”The summary helps you take action … and be productive!”]

  • Fitting into your workflow, not forcing you to change

  • Showing up in your inbox like clockwork – no more lost notes or idea

  • You decide if you prefer a weekly or daily summary

  • Suggesting an immediate action for each item: Delete, Delegate or Do it Now


[vsc-section-title title=”Try it yourself”]Start by sending voice memos, images and text notes to the “WhatsApp Memo-Bot”[/vsc-section-title]
[vsc-button text=”not available anymore” target=”yes” align=”center” type=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-whatsapp” size=”btn-lg” add_icon=”true” url=”https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=491234&text=I%20would%20like%20to%20test%20the%20Memo-Bot!%20Start!” color=”#65d615″ text_color=”#ffffff” i_color=”#ffffff”]

By clicking the button on your mobile phone you will add “WhatsApp Memo-Bot” to your contact list and can start sending messages immediately.

[vsc-button text=”not available anymore” target=”yes” style=”btn-no-border” align=”center” type=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-phone” size=”btn-lg” add_icon=”true” text_color=”#65d615″ i_color=”#65d615″]

On your desktop, manually add the phone #number to your WhatsApp contacts and send “start” to begin taking notes and recording voice memos.

[vsc-section-title title=”FAQ”][/vsc-section-title]

Who are you?

I am Patric, a Usability Engineer and tech founder from Germany. I consider myself an UX Design geek, love hiking and like to build digital stuff whenever possible. You can reach me on Twitter @patrics or by sending an email to schmid.patric@gmail.com – let’s talk! 😉

Why did you build this?

TLDR: I wanted to have it for myself…

I have dozens of ideas a day. Some for current projects, some for new projects and some stuff which I just need to remember doing some time in the future. Most of the time I am doing something else and can not quickly jump on the idea I have. Mostly working on another project, playing with my child or just hanging out with friends. I took notes on paper, sent myself emails, tried out several voice recorder, memo- and note-taking apps only to figure out: All the ideas and notes just get lost again because there is no system to recover and structure them. Also if I put a voice memo into some random smartphone app I mostly forget about it and never go back to them and actually ACT on them. So this is why I wanted to have a WhatsApp bot to just receive my messages and notes – and make sense of them. For now, the most practical approach is to send all the ideas and notes back to me once a week so I can take a few minutes and either act on them, structure them into tasks or discard them as crap. The main benefit for me is I proactively get a single email to remind me and only have to go trough the latest notes once. So yes, “cause I wanted it for myself” 😉

How does it work?

It’s simple. Every time you have an idea or want to take a note you send any message or media to the bot via WhatsApp. Once a week you receive all your notes in a summary email. You can then go trough the email once and act on every item you noted.

Personally, I create either new tasks for an idea or put the information into a structured format for later use. Sometimes a note results in an email, a phone call, a calendar entry, a Trello card or any other actionable item.

How is it better than another Note-Taking App or Idea-Collection-Tool?

Using a proprietary note taking tool might be better for you if you want to adapt your working process and go look trough the memo-app every day or every week to see what you recorded. For me it did not make sense to change my productive behavior. I go trough my emails once a day and create action items from those emails. So anything which is happening outside of my email account is hardly getting done. ever. So from my point of view, getting an email with all the notes I took last week is much better than any proprietary app will ever be. But hey, thats just my opinion… Would love to hear what you think about this!!

What about Facebook Messenger, WeChat or Telegram?  Can I use this as a memo and notes bot for another Messenger too?

Currently not. But if you prefer Messenger, WeChat or Telegram over WhatsApp sign up below and I am going to add other messenger support to my todo list.

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[vsc-section-title title=”Pricing”][/vsc-section-title]

You can test the bot in a 4 week trial for free

If you want you can buy a premium account for fancy extras like “voice transcripts“, “unlimited number of notes“, “tagging“, “smart grouping“, “unlimited storage“, “access via a web interface” and much more…

[vsc-table_placebo][vsc-pricing-table columns=”3″]
[vsc-pricing-column title=”FREE” price=”0″ currency=”$” interval=”.”]

  • 4 weeks trial period
  • All premium features

[vsc-pricing-column title=”PREMIUM” featured=”yes” price=”5″ currency=”$” interval=”month”]

  • 5 GB Storage included
  • Unlimited number of notes
  • Download your voice memos
  • Automatic smart grouping of items
  • Tagging of items
  • Access via web interface

[vsc-pricing-column title=”UNLIMITED” price=”25″ currency=”$” interval=”month”]

  • Unlimited Storage included
  • Unlimited number of notes
  • Transcripts for voice memos
  • Automatic smart grouping of items
  • Tagging of items
  • Access via web interface
  • Unlimited multiple user accounts
  • Sharing items between users
  • REST API access to your items


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No credit card needed. You can upgrade or cancel at any time.

[vsc-section-title title=”Contact” title_color=”#ffffff”][/vsc-section-title]

Patric Schmid

Twitter: @patrics

E-Mail: schmid.patric@gmail.com

Let’s talk! 😉


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